Dr Teal's Sleep Lotion ,Product Review (2023)


Dr Teal's sleep lotion has a pleasant and calming scent so you can relax and fall asleep easier.
It combines Melatonin with essential oils , shea butter, coco butter and vitamin E , not only are you getting Melatonin to help you sleep, the butter help nourish and renew the skin.


Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today.

I'm just going to be doing a quick review of the.

Dr, teals body lotion, the sleep lotion with melatonin and essential oils.

Okay, my daughter got me this for either my birthday or mother's day so close, um, I have a hard time going to sleep at night.

And my I have rheumatoid arthritis, um, I think some of you know that from watching some of my videos.

Anyway, um, I told my doctor while I was having problems sleeping first of all, uh, because for 13 years, I used to do, um, 16 hour shifts, overnight four days, a week straight, which I would stay awake all night.

Uh, I could go to sleep, but I never trusted myself, because if I went to sleep, um, I might you know or dozed off.

I might not hear any of the residents and they were elderly.

So anyway, then I retired.

And I found I couldn't sleep at all.

And something else to develop was, I know, a lot of you can identify with this.

It doesn't really have a name.

Some might call it.

Um, restless leg syndrome, uh.

But anyway, what happened is my whole body, not just my legs, my whole body.

It felt like electric shocks were going through it.

Okay, like or like creepy, crawly up your leg, your arms, wherever it was, and it would keep me up all night.

And what would happen is it would build up build up, and then it like exploded into this tingly sensation.

And when it did, it would jerk your body.

Now imagine that going through your whole body, and you can't go to sleep at night.

I would be up for hours.

I would get up, and I would try to stretch the muscles and exercise them and everything and it didn't help.

So my doctor she put me on, I don't know, the whole name of it it's complicated.

It starts with an a I call it amy ami.

Because when the pharmacy text me that my prescription is ready that's, what they text.

So anyway, it's not a sleeping pill.

It just relaxes you.

So you can go to sleep and it's, um, some and it's also prescribed for depression, but depression, isn't, you know, I don't have depression.

I don't, even notice any difference, um, when I'm taking it? Anyway, it relaxes you.

So you go to sleep, and it calms down your muscles.

Well, after a while, you know, it started, you know, it was only 10 milligrams and it wasn't working so great.

So my daughter got me this, and I used it.

I don't use it every single night.

I use it when I have to.

And it just really totally relaxes me.

I can tell you times when I woke up in the middle of the night, and I can't go back to sleep, and I would put some lotion on, and I would be relaxed and go to sleep.

No lie.

So anyway, um.

So I can actually do a pretty good review on this I'm, not saying this would work for everybody, but it's worth a try.

So anyway, the sleep lotion with the melatonin and essential oils and it's, a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin e, which help, uh nourish and renew the skin.

Also it absorbs really good and it's, not greasy.

So, um, and then the melatonin lavender and chamomile essential oils help to promote a better night's sleep, it's, an eight ounce bottle, too and it's paraben free and at walmart.

Right now, it's about 5, 87., um and I'm, almost out of this one.

They didn't have it in stock, uh, when I looked on the walmart website, uh yesterday, so I could buy some more.

But uh, this stuff is it's really great I'm, telling you if you like the ascent of lavender because that's gonna be, um, what it's really gonna smell like, uh, you're gonna love.

It it's, not an overpowering lavender.

You know, some products they do have overpowering, uh, lavender, scent, even I can't get past it.

But not this one, this one's really good.

So what I what I do with it? Because lately, even though my doctor upped, my prescription to 20 milligrams, I have been noticing and it's just my right, uh, leg, it's, um, it's, my thigh and it's, starting again, where it starts to build up from the knee and shoot up it's.

I swear that it it's like tree, and it kind of branch up and it's like these tree, branches of uh, what I like to call I have nicknamed it, the heebie-jeebies syndrome, and it starts building up and then it, you know, there it goes.


So what I do is I put some of this on.

And you know, I would say about 15 minutes, it actually starts calming down.

But what I do at night, I put it on that thigh, just that one.

And I put it on my shoulders and my neck to calm everything else down.

And then I do actually fall asleep a lot easier.

So anyway, um that's pretty much that, uh, for that, also, you don't have to wash your hands, because they won't be greasy because it absorbs really good.

So today, I went to walmart, and I knew they weren't to have it on in stock.

I looked anyway to be on a safe side.

So what I did get and I'll do a review on it after I see how much of I like it, the dr, teal sleep.



Now this has the melatonin and essential oils and uh, this, you can spray on your body.

You can spray in the air.

You can spray on your, uh, your bedding and like that.

So, um, after I re after I try it I'll do a review on it and I'm, hoping I'm gonna like it, uh, this was 587 as well at walmart today.

And this is a six fluid ounce bottle.

So yep.

So anyway, um I'm, pretty sure I think I covered everything about it.

So if you want to give it a try, you can pick it up at walmart's actually walmart, says, a whole section, uh, literally a whole section of uh.

Dr, teals.

I mean, they have, um bath scrub.

They have a shower gel all that and I'm not going to try any of those because, um, I don't.

I don't take my shower at nighttime.

I like to take it when I get up.

And I think I think that's pretty much it.

I know, there's something else that I did want to say about it.

But uh, oh, I know, uh, also.

Another thing that happens to me at night.

A lot is I get, uh foot cramps.

And I usually have to get up and walk it out walk it out.

And it goes up into the front of the ankles as well it's, very painful.

I found that if I rub some of the dr, teal's body lotion on it.

It calms it down and then the pain subsides, you know, I have to, you know, walk around a little bit, and because that can be really painful at night as well.

Listen to me.

I sound like I got a lot of problems.


I okay, not really that many, but all right guys.

So that's it for this review.

I hope I hope that you, uh, try the.

Dr, teals body lotion.

Oh, I know what I want to say when I talk to my doctor about taking melatonin pills.

She told me, no that I shouldn't, I shouldn't take them and that's.

Why she did give me the amy, um and that's.

So that's, why I'm not taking the melatonin so that's? Why I'm using the melatonin lotion? Okay, enough paddling on guys.

Everybody have a great day and see you later, bye.


Does Dr Teal's lotion make you sleep? ›

Dr Teal's light-weight Body Lotion combines Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to nourish and renew skin. Melatonin, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils help promote a better night's sleep. To help promote a better night's sleep, use at bedtime to moisturize skin and soothe your body and mind.

Does melatonin lotion actually work? ›

"Melatonin stimulates your body's natural production of these antioxidant enzymes during the night." In other words, applying melatonin topically can trick your skin into triggering antioxidant behavior that would otherwise kick in during sleep, where skin regeneration is naturally at its best performance.

Is Dr Teal's lotion dermatologist approved? ›

Dr Teal's moisturizing lavender body lotion delivers deep moisture to the skin plus all the benefits of aromatherapy for the mind. It is paraben & phthalate free, dermatologist tested and cruelty free.

How does Dr Teal's sleep lotion work? ›

Dr Teal's light-weight Melatonin Sleep Lotion combines Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to nourish and renew skin, plus Melatonin, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to help promote a better night's sleep. This restorative blend brings moisture back to your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Does melatonin lotion make you tired? ›

Because melatonin can cause drowsiness, don't drive or use machinery within five hours of taking it.

Does magnesium sleep lotion work? ›

"Magnesium lotion is wonderful for a bedtime routine," she says. Not only can the ritual of applying lotion help you unwind, but magnesium can enter your system topically and soothe your muscles, physically relaxing your body and helping you drift off to sleep.

Can you absorb melatonin through lotion? ›

First, melatonin is a hormone that easily and efficiently penetrates into skin when applied in a skin care product. Melatonin is a small molecule – small enough to get through your skin's sturdy barrier.

Can melatonin be absorbed thru skin? ›

This study shows that the strongly lipophilic substance melatonin is able to penetrate through the skin and leads to dose- and galenic-dependent melatonin levels in the blood. No increase of melatonin above the physiological range was observed.

Can you use too much melatonin lotion? ›

If someone takes too much melatonin, he or she might experience sleepiness, headache, nausea, and perhaps even agitation.

What is the number 1 dermatologist recommended brand? ›

Developed with dermatologists, CeraVe is the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand1.

What are the benefits of Dr Teal's lotion? ›

This lightweight lotion is blended with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E to soften, moisturize and protect skin. Vitamin C helps promote glowing, youthful skin, while Citrus essential oils help uplift your mood. Paraben and phthalate free. Dermatologist tested.

Who is Dr Teal's owned by? ›

Under the leadership of Cindy '90 and Chris McClain '90, AB Brands has developed and marketed a wide portfolio of leading national personal care brands, including Dr. Teal's®, bodycology and Cantu.

Where is the best place to put melatonin lotion? ›

Use anywhere you'd use body lotion. Massage a generous amount into temples, neck, shoulders, feet. Apply 30 minutes before bedtime. If you're a night owl, apply 2 hours before desired bedtime.

Does Dr Teals really have melatonin in it? ›

Dr Teal's multi-purpose Sleep Spray combines melatonin with a soothing blend of lavender & chamomile essential oils to help promote a better night's sleep.

Where do you rub melatonin lotion? ›

THE PERFECT NIGHTCAP: This melatonin night cream is made to encourage tranquility and calmness. Gently massage onto facial area concentrating on temples and pulse points, and drift away with a refreshing and relaxing night's sleep.

Is melatonin bad for your liver or kidneys? ›

In several clinical trials, melatonin was found to be well tolerated and not associated with serum enzyme elevations or evidence of liver injury. Despite wide scale use, melatonin has not been convincingly linked to instances of clinically apparent liver injury.

What are the negative effects of melatonin? ›

Common side effects
  • Feeling sleepy or tired in the daytime. Do not drive, cycle or use tools or machinery if you're feeling this way. ...
  • Headache. Make sure you rest and drink plenty of fluids. ...
  • Stomach ache. ...
  • Feeling sick (nausea) ...
  • Feeling dizzy. ...
  • Feeling irritable or restless. ...
  • Dry mouth. ...
  • Dry or itchy skin.

Can too much melatonin cause depression? ›

Interestingly enough, however, melatonin can also make depression symptoms worse in some people. As melatonin is used for sleep, it brings energy levels down. Weakened energy can contribute to feelings of depression. Lowering one's mood more than the individual is used to can lead to a depressive state.

What happens if you use too much magnesium lotion? ›

In principle, no, overdosing is not possible because your body will excrete any excess of magnesium. However, if you suffer from severe kidney function disorders, cardiac conduction disorders (e.g., AV block), or myasthenia gravis (a rare muscle disease), you should first consult a doctor before taking magnesium oil.

Can you get too much magnesium from magnesium lotion? ›

No. You do not need to worry about overdosing when using transdermal magnesium as upper limits are only set when using the product orally. Large doses of oral magnesium can have a laxative effect due to it being a natural relaxant, however this is avoided when using magnesium applied to the skin.

Can you have too much magnesium lotion? ›

As expected it is hard to accurately determine dosage when using topical magnesium cream. Even so, it's important not to overdo it. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend that people do not exceed the upper limits of magnesium supplementation, which are based upon age.

What blocks melatonin absorption? ›

Caffeine acts as an adenosine receptor antagonist. Adenosine increases intracellular cAMP levels via adenosine receptor, which increases the production of AANAT, the rate limiting enzyme in melatonin synthesis (53). Thus as adeosine receptors are blocked by caffeine, the synthesis of melatonin decreases.

How long does it take for Dr Teal's melatonin to work? ›

Most products containing chamomile take approximately 45-minutes to take effect. The aroma of chamomile in Dr. Teal's Sleep Spray may offer these same benefits and should be used within 60 minutes of going to bed.

What is the best way to absorb melatonin? ›

How to take it. It's best to take melatonin with food. If you're taking slow release tablets, swallow them whole and do not cut or crush them.

How long does melatonin stay in your skin? ›

It has a half-life of 40 to 60 minutes. The half-life is the time it takes for the body to eliminate half a drug. Typically, it takes four to five half-lives for a drug to be fully eliminated. This means melatonin will stay in the body for about 5 hours.

How close to bed should you take melatonin? ›

Use melatonin sleep supplements wisely and safely.

Take 1 to 3 milligrams two hours before bedtime. To ease jet lag, try taking melatonin two hours before your bedtime at your destination, starting a few days before your trip.

Does melatonin help hair growth? ›

Hair follicles have melatonin receptors, suggesting this hormone plays a role in hair growth cycle. In fact, lab tests showed that the topical application of melatonin extended the anagen / growth stage and resulted in faster growth.

Can you use melatonin lotion during the day? ›

Most people apply melatonin products at night, when skin's repair process works overtime. But because melatonin increases antioxidant levels, some doctors argue for daytime use as well, since that's when you're bombarded with UV rays.

Is topical melatonin safe? ›

The evidence suggests that melatonin deserves consideration for topical use as an anti-aging and skin protective agent. It is shown to be both safe and effective when topically applied.

How do you use melatonin lotion? ›

Use anywhere you'd use body lotion. Massage a generous amount into temples, neck, shoulders, feet. Apply 30 minutes before bedtime. If you're a night owl, apply 2 hours before desired bedtime.

What dermatologist does Kardashians use? ›

Simon Ourian™, M.D.

Dr Simon Ourian has become one of the world's most sought-after cosmetic dermatology doctors, with superstars such as Kim Kardashian on his books. But he is also at the center of one of the world's fastest growing industries, with a huge chunk of those revenues now coming from the Middle East.

What is the #1 skin care line in America? ›

Neutrogena. The brand: You don't need to spend tons of money for effective products that derms love; Neutrogena is touted as the number one dermatologist-recommend skincare product and you can find it at the drugstore.

Can you use Dr Teals everyday? ›

A: Hi! Dr Teal's Kids Melatonin 3 in 1 is formulated to be safe and hypoallergenic with gentle cleansers that can be used daily. The formula includes a safe blend of Melatonin and Natural Essential Oils.

Can I rub Dr Teal's lotion on my face? ›

The bottom line. Putting body lotion on your face once or twice probably won't cause any lasting harm. All the same, body lotion isn't meant for facial skin, so it could make some skin concerns worse. Sticking to products specifically formulated for your face will generally do more to benefit your skin in the long run.

Does Dr Teals remove toxins? ›

Detox soak removes toxins. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and essential oils: naturally removes body's built-up toxins; helps increase natural energy level; eases aches and muscle pains.

What country is Dr Teal's from? ›

Product Details
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
UPC884972973407 786951299921 787734764483 781549243416 362436349871 362436354790 882297824190 811068011002 885696653095 794628198859 793379224954 799289202051
ManufacturerAdvanced Beauty Systems
Country of OriginUSA
2 more rows

Who are Dr Teal's competitors? ›

Dr Teal top competitors include: Herbal Scent Creations, iShop Naturals, Ann' ue Sensation LLC, RD Alchemy Natural Products LLC What technology does Dr Teal use?

Where is Dr Teal's headquarters? ›

Dr Teal's headquarters are at Darien, Connecticut, United States.

Does Dr Teal's have melatonin? ›

Sleep soundly after a relaxing bath with Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Melatonin Sleep Soak with Essential Oil Blend. Pure Epsom Salt helps to ease aches and soreness while refreshing skin's appearance and melatonin help regulate sleep and wake cycles while lavender and chamomile essential oils promote relaxation.

Can lotion make you sleep? ›

Applying sleep lotions or rubs to the skin or soaking in a bath steeped with calming compounds allows your body to absorb these relaxing compounds through your skin, which is said to ease muscle tension and increase the production of neurotransmitters and hormones that can help you fall asleep.

What are the benefits of Dr Teals? ›

Dr Teal's Wellness Therapy Soaking Solution combines Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP), which has long been known to revitalize tired, achy muscles and refresh skin's appearance, with luxurious essential oils to help provide relief from stress.

How long does it take Dr Teals to work? ›

Most products containing chamomile take approximately 45-minutes to take effect. The aroma of chamomile in Dr. Teal's Sleep Spray may offer these same benefits and should be used within 60 minutes of going to bed.

Can you absorb melatonin through your skin? ›

This study shows that the strongly lipophilic substance melatonin is able to penetrate through the skin and leads to dose- and galenic-dependent melatonin levels in the blood. No increase of melatonin above the physiological range was observed.

What is the #1 melatonin brand? ›

Natrol is one of the most popular melatonin brands. One bottle of Natrol contains 100 tablets, enough for 100 nights. The fast-dissolving tablets don't require any water.

What has the most melatonin in it? ›

Eggs and fish are higher melatonin-containing food groups in animal foods, whereas in plant foods, nuts are with the highest content of melatonin. Some kinds of mushrooms, cereals and germinated legumes or seeds are also good dietary sources of melatonin.

Is it good to put lotion on every night? ›

"Skin's oil production peaks at midday, and there is less oil production at night. Therefore, when you lose that protective layer of natural oils, your skin loses more water, so it's important to replenish the water loss with a moisturizer overnight," says Sobel. "While you are asleep the skin goes into renewal mode.

Why do people put lotion on before bed? ›

Night is an essential time to renew your mind—and your skin. Adding a lotion before bed creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day. It also helps seal in moisture and repairs the skin barrier that's compromised by dry air and harsh cleansers.

Does Dr Teals have magnesium in it? ›

Dr Teal's Epsom salt is made of natural, pharmacy grade magnesium sulfate USP for whole body relief and wellness. Use Dr Teal's to revitalize tired, achy muscles, reduce stress, minimize swelling and refresh skin's appearance.

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