NEW ONE/SIZE Secure The Sweat Waterproof Primer VS Rimmel Stay Matte Primer! | DUPE?! (2023)


NEW ONE/SIZE Secure The Sweat Waterproof Primer VS Rimmel Stay Matte Primer! | DUPE?!

Hey girl hey! In today's video, we’re going to be battling the ONE/SIZE Secure The Sweat Waterproof Primer VS Rimmel Stay Matte Primer! The ONE/SIZE primer is kind of crazy expensive, but if it’s worth the money, maybe this is something you should splurge on. But if there’s a dupe, then there’s no need to spend the money. So let’s see if you got another drugstore dupe on our hands so let’s see if you got another drugstore due on our hands! Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe and ring the bell! Love you!

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It's leaking I'm gonna get as sweaty as possible.

It is thirty four dollars.

You can't really see the pores.

Hey, girl.

Welcome to every lane or Michael let's, find you the best beauty products for the best prices.

And in today's video, we're going to be doing a Duke battle between the new one size to cure the sweat primer.

First is a possible dupe, sort of according to the internet, the Rimmel stay matte primer.

Now there's, not a lot of sweat proof primers in like an affordable price like at the drugstore.

So I had to do some research to try to figure out like, maybe some people that have also done reviews on like what seems more sweat proof than others.

And this seems like the best option according to like all the articles I read.

This always popped up as like the best drugstore option for sweat proof makeup.

So even though this isn't claimed to be sweatproof necessarily this is what we're trying to work with and find a possible deal for this.

Because this is freaking expensive I'll be doing the Rimmel on my right.

And the one size on my leg, get the hair all the way for a second okay.

And then for foundation, I'm going to be using this guy, which I know, this one's getting a harder or harder to find because they've basically discontinued it I still have it.

So if I can still find a link to it on Amazon, I will link it.

It is the perfect Foundation to test out primers because it's neutral, I know how it wears.

And it looks really pretty I need to get a nice good before for either side of my pores.

If you're not new around here, you know, I have kind of like huge pores on the side of my nose, it's leaking, dang it.

This stuff you have to be so careful starting off with the one size according to Sephora.

It says, it is a sweat proof, waterproof aluminum free primer, absorbed excess sweat and oil to visibly tighten pores, mattify skin and prolong makeup wire so it's for normal oily and combination skin.

So if you're dry I'm really, sorry, apparently, you don't get to have sweatproof makeup just kidding.

But it's a little bit harder for you I know, it has bamboo powder to absorb excess sweat and oil saved extract to absorb the excess sweat and tighten pores.

I don't know, what Sage did that and swelling to prevent your skin from drying out.

Then why can't dry skin use it? Okay, whatever if you only have slightly dry skin, it sounds like you can kind of get away with that.

But if you have really dry skin, probably not made from Botanical ingredients and is shown to Apple perform aluminum-based formulas, which you know, aluminum is not great for skin.

It provides up to 12 hours of oil resistant Vibes, Shine, Control, mattifying power, while minimizing local pores.

And in their clinical results, 94 agreed on all of them.

94 agreed.

They no longer sweated their makeup off.

They agreed.

The primer was long-lasting and matte finish well, I hope.

So and then great, it kept their makeup lock in place.

So it is 34 according to Walmart's website because Amazon isn't currently selling this, which is crazy because I always get to talk about Amazon, but it's, fine.

It says, this Primark improved.

The overall look of your skin, it's, oil-free, Ultra, lightweight.

Formula helps minimize the appearance of Horrors control, Shine hydrates, the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and smooth, a creamy texture that creates a perfectly matte complexion for underneath her alone.

And it is a whopping six dollars.

Okay, let's.

Talk about these.

So overall, just like looking at it from a distance.

It looks like I have the exact same primer on like they are both smoothing.

Both mattifying I need to spot conceal some some areas that the foundation didn't cover up perfectly.

But we'll just ignore that for now smoothing wise here's a clip of what both primers look like without foundation on my nose.

So you can see their smoothing power, I feel like Rumble does a better job.

Tell me I'm wrong.

I feel like it like my pores don't exist, almost on this side of my nose and this side.

They look a ton better, but they you can still see them a little bit and I.

Never count I have this one like right here from when I popped a crazies yet, when I was like 13 and it's, basically just created one big scar it's, not even a poor Nestle at the scar.

So I, don't count that guy with the foundation on you can't really see the pores.

It almost looks the same on the other side.

But this side still looks smoother.



They do the same thing.

Blurring wise on the rest of my face.

It basically looks the same I'm.

Gonna put on the rest of my makeup I'm, not going to use any powder, except right underneath my eye, everything else I'm going to use cream products only so bronzer blush I'm, not going to use highlight because I don't want to get confused with oiliness.

You know, no highlighter today, which is why I'm gonna go about my day I'm gonna do a chicken halfway throughout the day, natural lighting.

And then towards the end of the day I'm gonna work out we're gonna get sweaty, I'm gonna get a sweater as possible it's, not gonna be a fun time for me, but we're gonna test out how sweat proof these are, because if I can do a really intense workout in these, you should be able to like run around and have fun in the sun.

So I will see you in just a second it's, crazy, windy outside there's yard work going on in the neighbor's house.

So hopefully you can hear me I want to show you what's happening with the makeup.

Everything looks pretty good.


Am looking a tiny bit shiny on the forehead, but besides that we're, fine I think I think we'll, especially be fine for the sweat proof test in a few hours, I'm gonna wait another like two hours, maybe before I do a sweat proof test, maybe three see what things look like.

And if it looks dramatically different I'll show you what it looks like before I work out.

So it looks like I.

Didn't work out I.

Promise I did I just got distracted I wanted to wait until my face wasn't like quite as red and like things had calmed down a little bit before I showed you how the makeup held up, um.

And then it got distraction.

Now it's been two hours, it's, fine.


So for like on my forehead, you can see it's, definitely a little patchy like right where you get extra sweaty.

But some of the bronzers are still there, which is impressive bronzer blush still on like my cheeks.

The foundation actually looks pretty darn great.

The only thing is it's actually on the one size side, it like kind of broke up a little bit on the side of my nose.

It almost looks kind of like dry patch situation.

But my nose is definitely not dry.

It doesn't look like that on the other side, it actually looks really dang.



The foundation's still there for most part in between my eyebrows is kind of wrecked a little bit.

But that can happen at the end of the day when I don't use powder in general.

Most of my acne is still at least semi-covered I was sweating hardcore like I was like okay, let's bump up.

This workout to harder than I.

Normally can do let's get extra because sweaty and I I think, especially if you prepped like, if you also used a good setting spray and a good setting powder, if you're like I'm going to be sweaty, all day like I have I'm going on a hike, but it's like a date.

And so I want to look cute enter in those kind of products and honestly, I don't, think you need to spend money on the one size I.

Think this guy is an amazing dupe like it's, very it's, very good, too.

It actually might be a little bit better we're just shocking.

They should Rebrand this and put it as sweat proof or sweat resistant Rimmel.

Listen to me, Rebrand, I, I, don't.

Think you need to buy the one size, I mean, if you want to go for it, like if you're like I really want to is it worth, it it's, not a completely waste of money.

It's, not it doesn't quite live up to the hype it gives it, but it's still good.

The packaging is kind of problematic.

But if you want to see a video comparing the top rated, affordable mineral sunscreens, because you need some SPF under all that makeup, if you're going to be outside sweating, you can click right here.

I'll link.

Everything I talked about in the description box below those links are affiliate links.

So I do get a small percent of the profits.

If you use my link to buy the product, but does not affect you in any way.

I love you so much don't, forget that you are gonna bye.


Is secure the sweat primer water based? ›

The SECURE THE SWEAT PRIMER is a water-based product.

Can primer stop sweating? ›

Using a mattifying primer is one of the easiest ways to get the ball rolling and achieve an oil-free and sweat-proof makeup as it helps to keep excess shine at bay while blurring imperfections. So, conclude your search for how to stop sweating on face after makeup and use the right primer as per your skin type.

What is the best sweat proof primer? ›

The best sweatproof primers
  • Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer.
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.
  • Lancôme Prep & Matte Primer.
  • Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer.
  • Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer.
  • Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer Perfecting.
  • Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eye Shadow Base.
Feb 15, 2023

How do you keep foundation from coming off when sweating? ›

Use Setting Powder Strategically.

It's a vicious cycle - the more effective way to set makeup is by using a setting powder strategically in certain areas you know are going to get sweaty, rather than the entire face. This way, you won't lose your glow."

How do you make makeup last on a sweaty face? ›

Our Best 9 Tips for How to Sweat-Proof Makeup for Summertime Heat
  1. Start with Your Skincare. ...
  2. Wear Less Makeup to Sweat-Proof Makeup. ...
  3. Try a Face Primer and/or Setting Powder. ...
  4. Use a Powder Bronzer. ...
  5. Apply Eye Primer. ...
  6. Try a Blush Stain To Sweat-Proof Makeup. ...
  7. Use Lipsticks as a Lip Stain. ...
  8. Finish Your Makeup with a Setting Spray.

Why does my makeup run when I sweat? ›

Heavy, full coverage foundations are more likely to melt and slip on hot, sweaty skin. In the warmer months, switch it up to a lighter product that is oil-free and won't be heavy on your skin. You'll also need to consider a suitable foundation base best for your skin tone.

How do you know if its a water based primer? ›

To find out what the base is look at the back of your primer and see what ingredients it has. If you see words ending in -cone,-methicone, or -siloxane in the first few ingredients then the primer is silicone-based. If none of these words appear then it is most likely the primer is water-based.

How do you know if a makeup primer is water based? ›

If you look at the first ingredient of a foundation and it is Aqua or Water, and there are no silicones or oils in the next four to five ingredients, then it is probably water-based.

Is the YSL primer water based? ›

The YSL Beauty Touche Éclat Blur Primer is another silicone-based primer, but this one has a glowy finish that illuminates the skin and blurs pores. Oil-based primers are less common, but the NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Oil Primer is a great, hydrating option that gives the skin a lightweight, dewy glow.

How to tell if your foundation primer is silicone water or oil based? ›

Instead, you'll need to look for the lack of silicones in the top 5 ingredients. The most common silicone formulas end in the letters -CONE & -XANE. Here's an example. If you don't see any of those in the top 5 ingredients, you're probably in the clear to assume that it's a water-based formula.

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