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Do you put CC cream on before or after primer? ›

But, Primer does not have any pigments or coverage in it but can let your makeup stay for a long time whereas BB cream and CC creams do have some kind of pigments that gives us some coverage which will stay for a long time if lathered after primer. So you can lather CC cream over your primer.

How do you use CC cream as primer? ›

CC creams smooth out your skin tone and cover blemishes. You can use CC cream by itself, or use it like a primer underneath your foundation. If you want to use the product like a primer, the next step is to use clean fingers or a makeup brush to apply a small amount of foundation to your skin.

Can CC cream be used without primer? ›

If you use foundation, you'll still have to wear sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer underneath. You typically don't need these products if you use a BB or CC cream.

How do you apply CC cream to your face? ›

Use the 5-dot technique.

Use your middle or ring finger to put five little dots of cream on your face – on your chin, on your nose, on your forehead and on your cheeks. Distribute them evenly when you apply them, so the five dots should be about the same size. No need to smear them just yet, that's coming up next.

What should I use after CC cream? ›

Once you have applied the CC cream and have spread it all over your skin, then you should use a makeup brush to buff your skin.

Does CC cream go on after moisturizer? ›

Similar to BB cream, you should apply CC cream after you apply your moisturizer and sunscreen. Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day to protect your skin. Follow up with the rest of your makeup routine.

Do you need to put powder over CC cream? ›

Do you wear powder with CC cream? It's not necessary to put compact over CC cream unless you have oily skin that you want to neutralize. If you have dry skin, we suggest avoiding layers of makeup that might set back your natural skin tone.

Do you put setting powder on CC cream? ›

As mentioned above, if you're on the oily side, you might find you want to set your CC Cream base with a light dusting of powder. This one is made primarily from silica, a natural mineral, and gives skin a flawless finish without settling into your pores.

Can I skip primer if I use moisturizer? ›

Moisturizer comes first!

Moisturizer is an integral part of any skincare routine. All skin types – be it as dry as the dessert or as oily as a frying pan – need the essential moisture. Primer, on the other hand, can create a flawless base for makeup to glide on, but it is not necessary.

How do you make CC cream not look cakey? ›

Prep with primer.

After your moisturizer absorbs into your pores, prep your skin with primer. As a cream product, primer evens out the skin texture, creating a smooth surface for your makeup. Using primer also prevents your makeup products from creating fine lines and creases—both signs of cakey makeup.

Can I just wear CC cream? ›

For everyday makeup application, BB and CC creams are the way to go without adding a full mask on your face. You should also make sure to "use a shade up and darker than you're used to," suggests Robinette. "The lighter color will highlight the areas that you want to cover, while the darker will offer coverage."

Does CC cream fade dark spots? ›

Offering more coverage than BB creams, CC creams tend to have thicker, heavier formulas and can help to further disguise imperfections like dark spots. You can also look for a CC cream that's also formulated with broad-spectrum sunscreen so that you can cut out another step in your daily skin care routine.

What are the side effects of CC cream? ›

Serious side effects of CC-500

Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash; hives; itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with or without fever; wheezing; tightness in the chest or throat; trouble breathing, swallowing, or talking; unusual hoarseness; or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Does CC cream cover dark spots? ›

All CC creams usually come with sun protection properties. Furthermore, the coverage depends upon the brand of the CC cream. CC creams can be effectively used as moisturisers as well as foundations. It plays a pivotal role in hiding blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

When should I use CC cream? ›

“CC creams are made for anyone who wants a single complexion product that is easily applied, delivers skincare benefits, and provides beautiful coverage,” explains Renee. It can seamlessly conceal everything from an uneven skin tone to hyperpigmentation to blemishes.

Can you put makeup on top of CC cream? ›

It's not necessary to put compact over CC cream unless you have oily skin that you want to neutralize. If you have dry skin, we suggest avoiding layers of makeup that might set back your natural skin tone. However, if you prefer a more matte finish, you can set your CC cream with a light dusting of powder.

Do you put concealer on before or after CC cream? ›

Apply Your Base

Next, apply your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or CC/BB cream. “I like applying concealer after evening out skin with a layer of foundation,” Milan says. “That way you can use less product by only applying where needed.

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