Purplle.com: compre productos cosméticos y productos de belleza en línea en la India (2023)


Are Blue Heaven products good? ›

- The shades are good for the Indian skin tone. - There is a slight issue of product fallout, and it creases a little. Winged liner, or a subtle tight lining, creating looks for never so easy! Blue Heaven Sparkling Eyeliner makes sure to add that subtle quotient of glam to an everyday eye makeup look.

Is Purple a good website? ›

Long story short, I have had a good shopping experience with Purplle.com. Though I had tried my hands on newly launched products, I am quite happy with products as well.

What does purplle sell? ›

Along with over 300 brands which include local to internationally sold brands, Purplle has also launched its own line of products like foundations, concealer, highlighters, eye pencils, lipsticks, serums, face masks, moisturizers, nail polish, hair styling accessories, and more.

Is purple an Indian company? ›

Founded in 2012, Purplle.com is one of India's largest e-beauty destinations with more than 7 million monthly active users. The beauty e-tailer has over 1000+ brands with nearly 50,000 products, available on its website and app.

Is Blue Heaven chemical free? ›

Blue Heaven products are budget-friendly and give long-lasting effects. The formula and key components of the products are skin-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

Is Blue Heaven concealer good? ›

"Average" It is affordable and blends well but it gives low to medium coverage so you have to depend on the foundation or primer to make up for it's flaws.

Why is purple so expensive? ›

To make the first purple shades, dye-makers had to crush the shells of a species of sea snail, extract its purple mucus and then expose it to the sun for a specific period. The process made the colour so scarce and expensive that wearing it was a symbol of status and wealth.

Is purple brand a luxury brand? ›

Purple Brand is a collection of men's denim and luxury basics that creates accessible apparel with a mix of streetwear meets luxury fashion.

Does purple look good on anyone? ›

Purple is similar to blue in this sense. A lot of people do look very good in it, especially if they have a bright complexion. By the same token, people who have a lighter complexion are capable of wearing this color, just as those who are more tan.

Which brand foundation is best? ›

Trust these Foundation for a flawless skin (July, 2023)
  • Maybelline New York Liquid Foundation.
  • Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse.
  • Mamaearth Glow Serum Foundation with Vitamin C & Turmeric.
  • Faces Canada Weightless Matte Finish Foundation.
  • L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation.
Sep 23, 2022

Who is the owner of purple beauty? ›

Purplle is founded by Manish Taneja and Rahul Dash.

Who is the owner of purple? ›

Purplle, originally known as Manash Lifestyle Pvt, was founded in 2012 by three IIT engineers, Manish Taneja, Rahul Dash, and Suyash Katyayani.

What brand uses purple? ›

Probably the most well-known purple corporate brand is FedEx. FedEx pairs the purple with other colors including orange, green and gray to distinguish their different business divisions. Cadbury also uses purple for its logo and throughout its packaging.

Does purple look good on Indians? ›

Indian skin tends to have a warm undertone and a wheatish complexion, allowing it to proudly complement a wide range of hues from both ends of the colour wheel. Purple looks good with wheatish medium skin tones and is pleasing to the eyes.

What type of company is purple? ›

Purple is an American comfort technology company based in Lehi, Utah, USA. It specializes in the direct-to-consumer sale of mattresses, seat cushions, back cushions, pillows, and platform bases.

Where is Blue Heaven brand from? ›

Blue Heaven Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer from Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, India | About Us.

Who is Blue Heaven owned by? ›

Founded in 1974 by Mr. Charanjit Singh and Mr. Gurnam Singh, Blue Heaven Cosmetics is now a Samara Capital company.

Is Blue Heaven just caramel? ›

Blue Heaven is a milkshake and topping flavour sold primarily in Australia. It is blue in colour, and its taste is a mix of vanilla and raspberry.

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