Reasons why Section 8 vouchers can be taken away (2023)

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Section 8 housing is privately owned housing where the owner collects rent from low income tenants and the government. The tenant pays rent based on their income, and the government pays the rest…

Reasons why Section 8 vouchers can be taken away

If you get Section 8 rental assistance, you must follow the rules in the lease. You must meet the Section 8 program rules. You have to pay rent on time. You must keep the unit in good condition. Report changes in income or family size to the Housing Authority.

You can be removed from the Section 8 program. Then the federal government will not help pay your rent. You will be responsible for paying the full amount of the rent.

The most common reasons for losing your Section 8 voucher are:

  • Breaking any of the program's family obligations. For example,providing false information. Or, not providing required information to the Housing Authority,
  • Criminal activity or alcohol abuse. This must threaten the health and safety of others. Or, repeatedly disturbs them,
  • Violent criminal activity,
  • Drug-related criminal activity,
  • Not paying rent on time,
  • Not keeping utilities like gas, electric, or water on in the unit,
  • Missing recertification appointments or inspections,
  • Allowing an unapproved person to live in the unit. The Housing Authority needs to approve residents,
  • Not living in the unit, or
  • Eviction.

Section 8 tenants can be victims of domestic violence. They may not be terminated from the program for some reasons. This includes criminal activity directly related to the abuse. Domestic violence victims should speak with a lawyer if they think they are being evicted for this reason. Learn more about deciding on the right lawyer by watching this video.

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Legal Comment


Submitted by Jaylin Bridges on Thu, 11/03/2022 - 06:04

Is snap considered income? And would the starting or stopping of the receipt of those benefits be something I’m required to report in the 10 change day timeframe?

Re: Snap

Submitted by Hannah Lee on Thu, 11/10/2022 - 14:29

Hi Jaylin,

SNAP is not considered income for Section 8. You should report your SNAP benefits when you first apply for a Section 8 voucher, and again if the SNAP benefit amount changes. However, SNAP should not increase a family’s tenant portion.

If you have any questions, use Get Legal Help to talk to a lawyer.

Thanks for visiting our website. Best of luck to you.


What can cause you to lose your Section 8 voucher NYC? ›

The most common reasons for losing your Section 8 voucher are:
  • Breaking any of the program's family obligations. ...
  • Criminal activity or alcohol abuse. ...
  • Violent criminal activity,
  • Drug-related criminal activity,
  • Not paying rent on time,
  • Not keeping utilities like gas, electric, or water on in the unit,

Is an EHV the same as HCV? ›

EHVs are tenant-based vouchers that are separate and distinct from regular Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs).

How much does Section 8 pay for a 3 bedroom in NY? ›

Bedroom SizePayment Standard ($)
5 more rows

How much does Section 8 pay for a 2 bedroom in CT? ›

Effective 10/2022 @ 110% the current payment standards are: 0 Bedroom-$1,908. 1 Bedroom – $2,339. 2 Bedroom- $2,819.

What can cause you to lose your Section 8 voucher in Alabama? ›

  • Housing authorities can end your voucher if. you use illegal drugs, or. you commit a serious crime, or. ...
  • If someone living in your household does any of these things, the housing authority can end your voucher.
  • If someone visiting you does any of these things while visiting you, the housing authority can end your voucher.

What can cause you to lose your Section 8 voucher in Maryland? ›

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Termination
  • an eviction for a serious violation of the lease (e.g., failure to pay rent or other amounts due under the lease);
  • a family member fails to sign consent forms;
  • a family fails to establish citizenship status or eligible immigration status within the required timeframes;
Feb 7, 2023

What is undetectable HCV? ›

A viral load of less than 800,000 IU/mL is considered low, while a viral load of over 800,000 IU/mL is considered high. A viral load below 15 IU/L is defined as undetectable.

How long can you live in a shelter in NYC? ›

There are no limits on how long you can stay in shelter, as long as you are following the shelters rules. If you are given a move out date and do not have permanent housing identified, come into the Crisis Intervention Program to speak with an advocate.

Who is most likely to get HCV? ›

The following people are at increased risk for hepatitis C:
  • People with HIV infection.
  • Current or former people who use injection drugs (PWID), including those who injected only once many years ago.
  • People with selected medical conditions, including those who ever received maintenance hemodialysis (4,5)

Do landlords have to accept vouchers in NYC? ›

The Law. It is illegal to be denied a housing opportunity because of a lawful source of income. Lawful source of income includes income from Social Security, or any form of federal, state, or local public assistance or housing assistance including Section 8 vouchers.

What is the income limit for Section 8 in New York State? ›

In New York, the income limits range from $33,950 for a single-person household to $80,300 for a household of eight people or more. Household size: The size of the household is also an important factor in determining eligibility for Section 8 Housing.

How much is Section 8 rent in New York? ›

Section 8 will pay 60% or more of your monthly rent. The exact number paid by Section 8 will be determined by your household's income and composition. Though it will vary on the size of your income, family size, and city zone, a 2-bedroom Section 8 voucher in New York City will cover $2,217 in the New York Metro area.

How much does Section 8 pay for 2 bedroom in Houston? ›

Housing Choice Voucher FAQ
Bedroom SizeTier A-1Tier C
One Bedroom$2,118$1,325
Two Bedroom$2,532$1,587
Three Bedroom$3,333$2,084
Four Bedroom$4,313$2,705
5 more rows

How much is a Section 8 voucher in CT? ›

Current Voucher Holders
Bedroom SizePayment Standard
1 Bedroom$1470.00
2 Bedroom$1800.00
3 Bedroom$2200.00
4 Bedroom$2700.00
1 more row

How much is rent Section 8 in CT? ›

The tenant's share of the rent is determined by their income and is typically set at 30% of their adjusted gross income. To apply for Section 8 housing in Connecticut, applicants must complete the Section 8 housing application, which can be done online or in person.

Can I switch from Nycha to Section 8? ›

In order to be considered eligible to receive a Section 8 transfer voucher you must be a tenant in good standing with both NYCHA and your current landlord (ex. you cannot be facing termination of your tenancy for failure to recertify or allow inspection, and you must be current in paying your portion of rent).

How much notice does a landlord have to give a tenant to move out in MN? ›

At least two months' written notice to vacate no sooner than one month after the end of the contract for deed cancellation period, provided that the tenant pays the rent and abides by all the terms of the lease; or.

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