Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer (2023)


Here is a review for those of you who don't know about Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer. This was the first primer I was using on my eyes, and can also be used on the face. Swatches with and without are at the end.


Hey, guys so I'm going to be doing a little bit of a review and comparison on mostly this primer.

And this is Rimmel and perfect primer.

And also I just wanted to kind of.

And this is more of like spreading the word more than anything else, um, but uh, I use Mac's, Paint, Pot in painterly.

Every single day for my makeup are for my eyeshadow, rather as a base paint really matches.

My skin tone really nicely paint pots are technically a cream.


They come in all kinds of colors.

But this one is pretty nude and I like the paint pot because it provides a super sticky base.

Not like in a cream-based kind of way like where it kind of remains tacky all day, but it it doesn't feel like slippery, or it won't come off your eyelids or anything like that.

But it almost picks up the eyeshadow more and I have had this on for like 20 hours, no creasing nothing.

I mean, it's, it's, really great so I'm going to kind of do a comparison on these to this I think the Rimmel one you can buy for about won't say, like five dollars or so I don't like it on my face, but I, you know, I.

But that was the first thing I started using on my eyes as a primer.

But anyway, I'd also the mac paint pot.

You can see how much I have left here like I just hit jar on the bottom.

But this I bought about nine months ago and I use it every day on both eyelids.

So, yeah, it may be like around I, don't, even know how much its almost at around 20 ish dollars give or take.

But if you think about it, I mean, come on nine months, nine or ten months, I mean, you know, I'm budget-conscious to seriously, I really am.

But I mean, this was a great deal, a great Buy.

So that's, just something that you know needs to be considered along with it it's kind of like an investment so I'm going to go ahead and get to pay start out with my fix and perfect primer and I'm going to put a little bit of that on it has like a peachy undertone.

But once you rev it in it goes I'm, pretty much clear and it's, pretty liquidy.

So that kind of does suck that's kind of a con to it, because you have to either rub it in really well, or you know, wait for it to dry a little bit, and it just smooths out your skin and I mean, this would honestly be good as just like a loan.

I mean, it would just make your skin.

Look, pretty smoothly, but I don't like it as a as a foundation base like it says on the bottle.

So I have on this half primer and on this half I don't, what I'm going to do and I think the best way to show you guys.

This is to use a matte makeup car, a matte eyeshadow because mats are so chalky that they don't really blend very well and they're just they're really intimidating, honestly and I wouldn't, try them without a primer so I'm going to take this.

My spiced chocolate palette from Mac.

And this is this color is in spice chocolates a very matte brown and first I'm going to show you what it looks like where's.

My line I'm going to show you what it looks like without a base.

And I mean, Mac is so super pigmented anyway.

And then camera I, don't know if can pay if it's picking up, but it looks really chalky and sort of uneven.

And you can see right when I put it on it and blend a smooth, assisted but that's, because the primer is grabbing the color.

And so you kind of have to work at it a little bit more.

But what I like look at it in person, the color is more saturated and it's just grabbing right onto the color.

And you can see and I mean, I, put more on this one, just because I was trying to get it to blend out.

But I mean, you can see even as I'm layering this.

One like I did with this one I mean, this color is way darker like it came out like more true to its color, or if you can tell so that made, you know, a pretty big difference.

I mean, Mac is probably not the best thing to use for an example because it is so super duper pigmented, I mean, that's, why? I mean Mac is what it is because I mean, the especially the eyeshadows, I mean, they are so extremely pigmented.

Um, let me see if I can find a drugstore right? Okay, this is a good example.

I love.

This duel is from hip.

It is called sassy.

And it is in like a silvery blue, shimmer color.

And a I guess like a silvery sort of beige, undertone color and it's also shimmer so I'm going to take the blue on my brush here and I'll, put it first on where I don't have any a a great example like what I don't, even think I would bother putting this color on my eyes.

If it came out like that, I mean, it's so it's, chalking, its sheer and yeah, why would I do that and self it on the side of the primer? And it goes on so much smoother and I mean, the color like when I look at it on my hand in the light, I mean, the color just really pops I, don't know how? Oh, well you can see this, but this is with primer.

And this is without and so I'm, you know my hand.

It makes a huge difference.

So I mean, I think it, you know, definitely it's a good primer.

It really is I mean, it makes colors pop, and it will hold your colour all day prevent it from creasing.

You can get it at walmart.

You can get it at the drugstore.

They usually have like buy one get one free deals on and a lot of times it'll do one more swatch and like room for one more.

And this I have problems with because it's really sheer it's from Maybelline are never where this I don't know, if I can't see the color, mmm, crown, jewels that's, the color.

And let me see I'm gonna brush off.



Take the color in the middle it's, like a ma, be sort of purple at first where I don't have any primer, Wow, super chalky, ugly, terrible.

And then where I do have primer.

And again, you can see how it's not really smoothing out super easily.

But you know, the primer is just grabbing onto the color.

And so you can see a huge difference from that to that.

So I think that kind of proves my point that you know, the primary me, it's, a it's, a good primer, it's, cheap, it's about five bucks.

You can get it buy one, get one free and get it like by one hat.

Get one half off whatever walmart has it.

I think it's around five dollars overall.

I would definitely buy it it's cheap, you know, it's, it's, hassle-free, there's, a lot of it in here.

If you know if you're not using it for foundation, yeah, overall I would go buy it, especially if you're on a budget, um, I mean, like I said, honestly, personally, I like mex, Paint, Pot better the way that it.

You know, just performs on my skin all day long because I'm gone all day.

But yeah, if your budget conscious, this is definitely great to you I mean, I mean, if I ran out of back to paint pot, I would go for this in a minute.

So yeah, I hope that was helpful, and you know, they're my swatches.

So from here over is with, and then from here over spell.



Rimmel's Fix and Perfect Primer? ›

This 5-in-1 primer smoothens skin to minimise pores, brightens your complexion, mattifies and eliminates shine, and protects skin from environmental aggressors… Discover an instant colour correcting formula! Show off your smooth, flawless, pore less complexion and even skin tone!

What does fix and perfect primer do? ›

This 5-in-1 primer smoothens skin to minimise pores, brightens your complexion, mattifies and eliminates shine, and protects skin from environmental aggressors… Discover an instant colour correcting formula! Show off your smooth, flawless, pore less complexion and even skin tone!

What is the best primer for flawless finish? ›

If you're willing to splurge, primers from brands like Tatcha and Charlotte Tilbury will prep skin to perfection and make a 15-minute rush job look like a million bucks. But if you're on a budget, drugstore brands like CoverGirl, Maybelline New York, and E.L.F.

Is Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer non comedogenic? ›

With no heavy texture, Lasting Matte Primer by Rimmel London feels hydrating and breathable and being non-comedogenic, it doesn't clog pores. It blends effortlessly and seamlessly for makeup that looks smooth, flawless, and even. Makeup application is improved and skin is kept looking velvety matte and shine free.

Is Rimmel primer silicone-based? ›

It's not silicone-based, which every other primer I have is; instead its sort of like a moisturiser. The consistency is quite dry, so it can be kind of hard to spread it across your face.

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