The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever (2024)

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The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever (1)

PINTEREST Friendly – The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever Serious the best recipe for sauting Swiss Chard. The key to any dish is using fresh high quality ingredients like a good Balsamic Vinegar. Plus I had just picked the greens from the school’s community garden. (A fringe benefit for having helped out over the summer.)
Simply the best recipe ever for fresh Swiss chard | Good Food for Good People

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The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever

2016-06-14 17:38:39

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Serves 4

Hands down this is the best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever! The crispy pancetta really adds to the flavor of the Swiss chard. And finishing it with a little balsamic vinegar gives it a bit of acidity making this a fantastic dish. I love sautéed greens. I always feel like I have eaten something healthy when I eat fresh sautéed greens. I volunteered to work in the garden at school today. What was supposed be an hour turned into two and half hours. I got a little carried away. The garden was fun; I can’t remember the last time I shoveled 5 wheel barrows full of anything. I was great exercise and I really was working hard. I was so hot and sweaty I had to jump in the pool to cool down. I was a little over heated and covered in dirt from head to toe. Over all it was an awesome day. Most of you know by now I have a small garden. It is very small in comparison to the school’s garden. My little garden is not nearly as much work. It was great fun and I had a great time seeing all the butterflies, bull frogs, birds, bumble bees, and lots of worms. The photography class stopped in while I was working, I pointed out the bull frog to a few girls. I hope they captured the moment. He was eating bugs. I wish I had my camera, I missed some great photos. The hard work was really satisfying. As a reward for all my effort and hard work, I picked some fresh Swiss Chard. I wanted to post the recipe so that others working in the garden would have a great recipe to use when they pick their Swiss chard. It was fantastic if I say so myself. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Thanks for your comments and all the sharing of my posts. You are greatly appreciated. Bon Appetit, Cecelia

Cook Time

12 min

Total Time

27 min


  1. 18 large Swiss Chard leaves with stems
  2. 1 cup chopped onion
  3. 2 garlic cloves, minced
  4. 1/4 cup pancetta, chopped
  5. 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  6. Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Wash Swiss chard well.
  2. Remove stems from leaves and chop.
  3. Roughly chop leaves and set aside.
  4. In a large sauté pan add pancetta, garlic and onion.
  5. Sauté until onions are translucent, about 3-4 minutes.
  6. Add chopped stems of Swiss chard and sauté another 3 minutes.
  7. Add the Swiss chard leaves, season with salt and pepper.
  8. Sauté until tender about 5 minutes.
  9. Add into serving dish and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.
  10. Serve immediately.

By Cecelia Dardanes

Cecelia's Good Stuff

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Here is a step by step guide to help you create your own “Hands Down – The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever” The key is using fresh Swiss chard and a high quality balsamic vinegar! Don’t be shy about spending a few extra dollars it is so worth it. High quality Balsamic Vinegar can be expensive and a rule of thumb is the more expensive the better (like a great bottle of wine). And on good note – you don’t have to use as much! Believe me it is well worth the investment. I also love my non-stick Calphalon Pans! They are the best investment for the money. When properly take care of they last forever. Just a reminder use a soft clothe or non-abrasive sponge for washing and use Calphalon plastic cookware to prevent scraches.
The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever | Good Food for Good People

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I love using plastic cutting boards when chopping. It makes for an easy clean up. People always ask about my knives. I recommend investing in a good knife. I like a French Sabatier Carbon Steel Knife. They are great for chopping. Plus I feel powerful when using a big hefty knife. LOL – just kidding!
The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever | Good Food for Good People

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Swiss Chard come in a variety of color as shown. The leaves a very vibrant and the veins are the same color of the stems, adding contrast to the leaves. | Good Food for Good People

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Hot and sweaty, but having fun! Picking fresh Swiss Chard and volunteering at the school garden. | Good Food for Good People

The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever (8)

The balsamic vinegar gives the dish a bit of acidity. Hands down this is “The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever”. | Good Food for Good People

The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever (9)

Thank you for stopping by. Bon Appetit, Cecelia

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The Best Swiss Chard Recipe Ever (2024)
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