Tweak'd by Nature Super- Size Restore Revitalizing Hair Mist on QVC (2023)


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Tweak'd by Nature Super- Size Restore Revitalizing Hair Mist


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Our beauty items and this is sundaes with patent.

Tan, I'm, Rachel, boozing, that's, Jennifer coffee.

So patent tan are taking some well-deserved time off I'm super excited, because this is your solution to hair breakage and actually right now our hair we've been left to our own devices, right figure it out keep it healthy.

Keep it strong.

Keep it shiny.

Keep it voluminous.

Keep it growing right? We'll tweak to the rescue.

This is the tweaked by nature, supersize restore revitalizing hair, miss it's, an expiring price it's, the only presentation of the day and ding, ding, ding.

This is half off the retail value.

This price for 16 ounces of the restore revitalizing hair treatment mist, it's 34 dollars or three easy payments of 11:33 went on our very own QVC website.

The regular price is $77.

This is how you order a three eight, three four to six so broken hair, weak hair, fragile hair hair that isn't behaving the way you want to this is for you denis simioni is here with me.

He has a face that you probably know actually from a jean.

And now he's got tweaked for us and it's always about those ingredients that he searches the world to find that do things that other hair care products and lines cannot do good morning.


Good morning.

Nice to see you from sunny Quebec.

Okay, I love that.

So if somebody is new to the restore revitalizing hair mist, what is this and who's it for okay? Well, this is an everything mist it's for all hair types.

I had this back.

When I was, oh Sean had a huge cult following just said, it was an orange spray when my mom got ill, she never asked me for anything in 50 years, she's, the one that pulled me out of retirement and tweaked by nature was born.

This was one of the first products that I resurrected I needed to make it even better.

And there she is, she just turned 82.

And and when your mom she's going through something pretty traumatizing, you know, ask you can you please help and she's never asked me for anything I, put my heart into it we're, clean Beauty, you know what you're spraying onto you.

You know could get into you so there's, a whole lot of goodness in here.

And it works a 92% reduction in breakage using it one time.

And you have 3000 sprays in this supersize it's, almost three of our regular sizes that on our comm.

We can't even keep it in stock.

It goes for 32.

So we never, you know, this is a really rare limited offer so I hope you take advantage of it because this is goof proof it's for everyone here in the brush hair in the drain.

This can help you dramatically mm-hmm, definitely if you got hair on the brush or hair in the drain, as you said, I love that we put that fact up 92% reduction in hair, breakage, right? So this is scientifically proven Denis.

We know that you are famous for your ingredients because you said, green beauty.

And actually there are certain requirements that brands need to meet in order to be a clean beauty brand here at QVC and tweeks definitely does that and Denis it's your ingredients that are the key.

Oh, yeah.

So high elevation.

So what my mom was going through I thought, well, look let's use some common sense.

I went too high up.

The Himalayan mountains, looking for detailer seed.

Oil anther potion, all these are ingredients that survive at 17,000 feet above sea level, there's, no pollution at that level.

And these plants get hit with the Sun radiation.

They survive.

So that's.

What I put into this and that's just two of about sixty ingredients.

The list is incredibly long their superhero, ingredients and that's.

Why we're scouring a 92% because your body recognizes the fatty acids, the lipids, even though Jean oil is in this bottle and that's legendary it restores dry damaged hair instantly.

And if you're afraid if it's going to weigh it down there's natural cleansers inside of this bottle.

So this is how my mom went a week without rewashing her hair in the hospital.

Descent is a vanilla vanilla cream, amber coconut, honey, even the honey we're.

Using is a high elevation honey.

They call it the Fountain of Youth it's.

Nothing like you've ever seen before.

These are ingredients that not many people have ever had the opportunity to try you get to try it.

You just get to spray it directly on your hair.

And by the way, this is teddy and blue.

They literally fall asleep.

I'm obsessed with them actually I'm, not sure if they're cats or they're, another animal, teacup, Pomerania, that's, a rag doll and a rag doll.

Okay, yes, a kitty cat.

And and a puppy so let's go to the hair because the hair is really the deal.


So let let's take a moment before we go there and let you know that this is an expiring price.

So this is $34.

Our regular price is 77.

So we're saving.

You $43 right off the top.

And the item number is eight, three, eight, three, four, two, six, when I say, it's, an expiring price.

The price goes away at the end of the day if you were ever an Oshun fan come in here, right? If you have ever thought about tweaked and kind of considered it come here.

The other thing is that it is in addition to whatever you're using if you're using a cleansing conditioner or whatever you're using to cleaning your hair.

This is what you can fold into your regimen and Dennis speaking of that, how can I use this what's, the regimen that I do and use this? Yeah, you'll never ever make a mistake.

This is a mad at my fiancee her.

This is her ritual.

So basically before bed, spray it on your hair, spray it onto your pillow.

When you wake up in the morning, you just get it into your hair, it's, no different than when you take a vitamin in the morning for your hair, you need to treat it especially now in the summer before you go outside before you jump in the pool, or if you're going on vacation to the ocean saltwater water could be the most damaging, you know, ingredient that can touch your hair believe it or not.

We need it to survive, but our hair absorbs it in it actually weakens the hair.

So this protects the hair chef, because it sucks in all of these beautiful ingredients, these natural clean ingredients that you can sleep with most of, you know, look you remove your makeup before you go to bed, but you leave your your styling products on your hair.

Some, you know you don't want to be leaving in hair.

This is one that I want you to sleep with like a 92% reduction in breakage one time, 12 amino acids.

You can see the shine that we're getting naturally blond hair, really hard to make shiny.

This does it instantly because your hair it recognizes it your scalp? You need to treat your scalp.

This is going to treat again from the inside.

It prolongs the life of your color.

It detangles.

It revitalize and instantly protects from heat activates curls it's, a p.m.

treatment it's, an a.m.

treatment eliminates, frizz, it's, great for gray hair, it's like an infomercial.

But it survived 20 years.

You can see Dana gray hair.

Look, it turns yellow.

Why cuz you're not protecting it from heat this protects it in a very natural way, aloe detailer seeds, fig Rocklea soap, berries so that's, what I'm using to help cleanse your hair? There is nothing else like it on the planet.

This is what fits into there and that's why? Today, you know we hardly ever do this size.

You know, going on with the ingredients so Marissa net sprayed in quinoa, hemp seed, Oceano, argan, oil, Kui nuts, that's from Hawaii, very limited, probiotics, crushed, curls, red, green, white black tea, 11:11 amino acids, eight being essential.

When you age, you don't, your body, doesn't produce them.

This puts it in naturally at anther potion.

This ingredient, my god it's 17,000 feet above sea level.

I only get 400 kilos a year.

I can't, make any claims on it.

You can google it.

You know out of 750 species, it's.

The only one that's non toxic to guys up the Himalayan mountains, do it for me? They distill it.

But so precious.

It is I.

Put it in for my mom.

You get to try it now in a really big big size and a big big size.

And again, you know, unlimited by mother nature, when dennis finds these amazing ingredients, right? Mother, nature, isn't, cranking them out like a factory, it's just kind of what's available.

This is that supersize $11.33.

So if you have hair on the brush hair down, the Brandt drain, broken hair breaking hair, brittle hair, basically, it's for anybody who wants to keep your hair stronger, right? Because there's a 92% reduction in hair, breakage and it's, simply by spraying your hair.


Dennis, thank you so much.

This is an expiring price.

So please buy it today.


Thank you.

Stay safe and quit back by you in the pomeranian I want to like hug the rag doll to let me just remind you that we have.

In addition to the revitalizing hair mist.

That is amazing.

We also have hemp vana coming up.

So that was for the the overall wellness of your hair.

But how about to relieve pain? There are a lot.

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