Why Is Diet Coke Bad For You (2023)

1. Is Diet Soda Bad for You? | Houston Methodist On Health

  • Jul 18, 2023 · Some pretty serious claims have been made about the side effects of diet soda, linking it to high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia and even ...

  • What to consider before your next sip of diet or zero-calorie soda.

2. Is Diet Soda Bad for You? - Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

  • May 19, 2023 · Diet sodas are just as bad — but they're just as bad in a slightly different way. They're associated with weight gain, insulin confusion and may ...

  • If you’re using diet soda as a replacement for the sugary stuff, you could be doing more harm than good.

3. Diet soda: How much is too much? - Mayo Clinic

  • Drinking a reasonable amount of diet soda a day, such as a can or two, isn't likely to hurt you. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals currently ...

  • Diet soda may help you cut calories, but other low-calorie options abound.

4. This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Diet Soda

  • Jun 15, 2022 · "The acidity in certain types of diet soda can lead to tooth erosion," according to Keith Wolfe, D.M.D., a dentist based in Greenacres, Florida.

  • A registered dietitian explains how diet soda may affect oral, heart, metabolic health and more.

5. Is Diet Coke bad for you? Know why it's unhealthy, weight gain effects

  • Jul 9, 2023 · “Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that can cause irritation to the gut. Regular soda is high in sugar from high fructose corn syrup, ...

  • Is opting for Diet Coke healthier than regular? Maybe not. Although you save calories, there are other health risks that come with sweeteners.

6. Diet Soda: Good or Bad? - Healthline

  • Diet soda and kidney health ... Drinking diet soda has been linked to an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. A recent study analyzed the diets of 15,368 ...

  • Diet soda has been claimed to have negative effects on health. This article reviews the research on diet soda and whether it's good or bad for your health.

7. Is diet soda bad for you? | Ohio State Health & Discovery

  • Aug 11, 2023 · Weight and nutrition issues in children: Kids who drink diet soda could be at risk for becoming underweight from filling up on these non-caloric ...

  • An @OSUWexMed dietitian explains what to know about choosing diet soda over regular soda, and whether artificial sweeteners are safe.

8. 8 Potential Side Effects of Consuming Too Much Diet Soda - Healthline

  • Aug 30, 2021 · While diet soda is low in calories and sugar, it lacks nutrients and contains questionable additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners, ...

  • Drinking too much diet soda may be linked to several side effects and affect both short- and long-term health.

9. Is Diet Coke bad for you? | Live Science

  • Aug 26, 2022 · But others point out that diet soda can increase the risk of stroke and metabolic syndrome. Its long term effects are also unclear. Originally ...

  • Making the switch from regular cola might seem like a healthy option — but is Diet Coke bad for you?

10. Diet soda and cancer: What you should know

  • “People who drink diet sodas daily have a higher rate of obesity than those who don't,” says Ermy Levy, a research dietitian in Behavioral Science at MD ...

  • Think diet soda is a healthy choice because it's low in calories? Think again. Diet soda is not the best choice if you are trying to lose weight or lower your cancer risk.

11. Is Diet Coke Better than Regular Coke in 2023 - Webber Nutrition

  • Jul 26, 2023 · Diet Soda is Just as Bad as Regular Soda ... Regular soda contains a lot of sugar whereas diet coke contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

  • Is diet coke worse than normal coke or is it healthier? What do the facts say? Find out here.

12. 7 Effects of Drinking Diet Soda Every Day - Eat This Not That

  • Aug 24, 2023 · What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Diet Soda Every Day · You may consume a sweetener that is "possibly carcinogenic." · You might lose ...

  • What happens when you get in the habit of drinking diet soda daily? We consulted dietitians and looked at the latest research to find out.

13. Is Diet Coke Bad for You? A Review of the Evidence - Eat This Not That

  • Dec 8, 2022 · "Diet Coke, like any other food or drink, is processed by the kidneys. Large amounts of diet soda have been connected to kidney damage and ...

  • While calorie- and sugar-free sodas like Diet Coke might seem "healthier," this popular beverage may actually wreak havoc on your health.

14. Zero weight loss from zero calorie drinks? Say it ain't so - Harvard Health

  • Mar 22, 2021 · One worry is that artificially sweetened diet sodas may create a craving for sweet, high-calorie foods. So, even as calorie counts drops from ...

  • Trying to cut back on calories by drinking diet soda or flavored sparkling water may not help with weight loss, and some research suggest it may actually lead to weight gain. But why, and what are ...

15. [VIDEO] Is diet soda bad for you? How sugary drinks affect your heart

  • Duration: 6:14Posted: Sep 22, 2021

  • Watch Dr. Anderson answer how everything from diet soda and regular soda to wine and energy drinks can affect your heart.

16. A can of Diet Coke won't give you cancer says a new WHO report

  • Jul 13, 2023 · A new report from a branch of the WHO has established the quantity of products that contain aspartame, such as Diet Coke, it is safe to drink ...

  • Here's how much the WHO says it's safe to drink every day.

17. Diet Soda and Sugar-Sweetened Soda Consumption in Relation to ...

  • Frequent diet (artificially sweetened) and regular (sugar-sweetened) soda consumption have both been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events, ...

  • Artificially (diet) and sugar-sweetened (regular) soda consumption have been associated with an increased risk of diabetes, but the literature on diet soda is inconsistent and the mechanisms unclear.We examined the relation between diet soda and regular ...

18. Is Diet Soda Bad for You? Health Risks and Soda Alternatives - Insider

  • Nov 5, 2020 · Diet soda may not be as healthy as you think. Research shows excessive diet soda drinking can increase sweetness cravings, ...

  • While many studies link diet soda to poor health and serious health conditions, experts agree more research is needed. Here's what you need to know.

19. Modern Myths of Aging: Is Diet Soda Harmless? - Rutgers

  • Additional studies also have linked diet soda to increased cardiovascular risks and vascular events, including stroke. Additionally, some diet sodas contain ...

  • This series is designed to help people use evidence and research to make informed decisions for health and well-being as they age.

20. Diet Coke Side Effects: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Consuming ...

  • Jul 2, 2023 · Heart Attack: Research has shown that drinking diet soda regularly can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. The study included 2000 ...

  • Even while diet cokes and diet sodas are often thought to be less unhealthy than normal cokes, they are harmful to your health. Here is why you should STOP drinking diet coke right away:

21. Being Alive Is Bad for Your Health - The Atlantic

  • Jun 30, 2023 · Regular, sustained diet-soda consumption has been linked to weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, and increased risk of stroke, among other things— ...

  • What is anyone supposed to do with the knowledge that diet sodas maybe, possibly, just might perhaps have some sort of potential link to cancer?

22. How 'addictive' Diet Coke harms your body in just 1 hour: experts - NY Post

  • Jun 10, 2023 · “The acidity of Diet Coke can contribute to tooth enamel erosion over time.” Weakened enamel can “become more susceptible to cavities and ...

  • “Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it can contribute to dehydration,” Dr. Raj Juneja explains.

23. Cancer Risk or No, Diet Soda Is Bad For You - The Washington Post

  • Jul 6, 2023 · Several other studies have linked aspartame, in particular, to spiking blood sugar, and in the longer term, to higher blood sugar and expanded ...

  • Aspartame’s cancer risks might be small, but the artificial sweetener’s benefits are even smaller.

24. The aspartame in Diet Coke probably isn't giving you cancer - STAT News

  • Jul 8, 2023 · It's also always useful to remember the alternative to artificial sweeteners: sugar. While there's some very vague evidence that aspartame might ...

  • An epidemiologist and Diet Coke/Coke Zero fan examines the evidence on possible cancer risks.

25. I Was Powerless Over Diet Coke - The New York Times

  • Aug 11, 2021 · Or, to be more precise: addiction to sweetness and to caffeine. Individually, they're bad; together, they're an addict's nightmare. A 12-ounce ...

  • After almost 40 years as a diet-soda addict, my body suddenly started to reject my favorite feel-good companion.

26. Is Diet Coke Bad for You? A Review of the Evidence - Yahoo

  • Dec 8, 2022 · In addition, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda were found to negatively affect gut health and increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and ...

  • When choosing which soda to drink, you would think a "sugar-free" or "calorie-free" option like Diet Coke would be healthier. It makes sense, considering the havoc sugar can wreak on your overall health.Research published in Nutrients earlier this year concluded that people who consume high amounts of added sugar, especially from sugar-sweetened beverages, are at a greater risk of several health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Not to mention the

27. Why diet soda is bad for you, not the answer to quick weight loss

  • Jul 7, 2022 · Recent research indicates that chronic use of “diet” soft-drinks can alter certain bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract, which can contribute ...

  • Choosing between a sugary soft-drink versus a 'diet' soft-drink is a Sophie’s choice, meaning neither is good. Here's what to know.

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